New Female Vocalist of the Year!

Marcy Grace with Big Star 97

Wow you guys!! We did it! I just won New Female Vocalist of the Year from Big Star 97! This an amazing feeling and I am so thankful for this award! I give all the glory to God!

Thank you first of all to Big Star 97 for always being such a huge supporter of my music and for playing my music on their station. Thank you to all of the FANS! This was a fan voted award and I can;t thank you guys enough for voting and supporting me! I would not be here without you guys! I also would like to thank my wonderful parent and family. I am very blessed to have such a supportive family and I love you guys so much!!

This was an amazing weekend! I got to hang out with a bunch of cool artists and industry professionals. I had a blast with everyone and can’t wait to see these people again! See some of the photos above from our amazing night! God bless!